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Welcome to the Enrichment Section!

During our workshops we like to teach bird owners about simple and easy ways in which they can provide toys and activities for their birds, to enrich their habitat. On this area of the site we will show you lots of these suggestions, along with instructions to make them, and lots of media links to see the enrichment ideas in action!

We aim to frequently update this area of the site, so please bookmark us, and check back regularly to see whats new!

The ideas displayed on the right of each page can be enlarged by clicking on them, or downloaded and saved to your computer in a PDF format for free.

If you'd like to find out hundreds more enrichment ideas, why not consider joining us on one of our courses, information regarding which can be found here.

Physical Enrichment - Explore

Nutritional Enrichment - Explore

Occupational Enrichment - Explore

Sensory Enrichment - Explore

Social Enrichment - Explore