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Feedback from Previous Courses

Following the workshops, our particpants are asked for a few thoughts about their experience over the weekend, a few of which are displayed below.

“I came back from the course with a greater understanding and appreciation of my birds, and the ability to improve my training skills - everything I wanted to achieve and more.
I was very impressed with the content of the course, and the variety of activities. It was relevant and enjoyable both for someone like myself who has had quite a lot of experiance, and also for a young lad thinking about getting his first bird - and that is excellent.
I hope you will be able to run many more courses and wish you all the best for the future! ”


“The video case studies were a good learning tool for all. I found the Paradise Park team very approachable and they were happy to advise us on all our individual bird problems.”   “I enjoyed all of it, but particularly liked handling the different birds. The clicker training session was interesting and fun. Topics covered in the classroom were very informative.”


“Very good - a nice balance of theory, classroom, practical and fun. Very well organised and supported.”   “I especially loved Louise's input, such fantastic creative ideas and such enthusiasm - great to taste, smell and handle the foods and toys.”


“David was a great workshop leader - he has great knowledge of birds and training mehods and was very aware of the different needs of all the individual people, while keeping good positive control of the whole group."


"I think ALL Parrot owners should do this course!"

"A very enjoyable weekend, would love to do it all again"

"Excellent course, very varied and informative"

"I feel we can carry everything we've learned back into our home"

“It was fabulous. Working with the birds and outside in the show, it taught us how to enrich our relationships with the birds, instead of having a negative relationship.”

"My thinking and approach have changed, and it appears to be working, causing less stress for the both of us!"

"I enjoyed the whole course and found it all very useful. The parrot behaviour especially as there is so much worthless info on the net and in books!"

"Loved the enrichment, making own toys etc. Lots of new ideas especially the food colouring!"


"Dear Editor; I have just returned from attending the first course for parrot owners run by the World Parrot Trust and Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary, and I would like to recommend it to other readers. The 2-day course covered four main topics:
1 - Interpreting avian body language
2 - Positive reinforcement techniques for training
3 - Problem behaviours
4 - Environmental Enrichment
The course was 'workshop' in style, with classroom presentations - discussion of video case histories and some 'hands-on' with the beautiful residents of Paradise Park. The staff were very welcoming and helpful. I came away with many new ideas and many old assumptions challenged.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about giving their parrot the best possible quality of life."
- K.W - Parrots Magazine, March 2007

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Four previous attendees during a
hands-on training session with the birds