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Highlights From Some Of Our Previous Courses

"I think ALL Parrot owners should do this course!"

"A very enjoyable weekend, would love to do it all again"

"Excellent course, very varied and informative"

"I feel we can carry everything we've learned back into our home"

“It was fabulous. Working with the birds and outside in the show, it taught us how to enrich our relationships with the birds, instead of having a negative relationship.”

"My thinking and approach have changed, and it appears to be working, causing less stress for the both of us!"

"I enjoyed the whole course and found it all very useful. The parrot behaviour especially as there is so much worthless info on the net and in books!"

"It covered all aspects of potential parrot problems, brilliant ideas for enrichment and how to break training behaviours down."

"Loved the enrichment, making own toys etc. Lots of new ideas especially the food colouring!"