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Parrot Behaviour Training and Enrichment Workshops

Designed for the pet parrot owner, or prospective pet parrot owner, who would like a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship with their bird. This two-day Workshop will give the attendees the basic methods and tools required to teach their birds using positive reinforcement. Topics covered in this workshop include:

+ Understanding bird behaviour
+ The basics of training
+ Reading & interpreting a birds body language
+ Training basic behaviours
+ Problem behaviours and solutions
+ Training advanced behaviours
+ Enrichment principles
+ Enrichment design and implementation

The course will consist of lectures, practical sessions, interactive activities, written materials and live presentations. The workshops aim to be both a fun and educational experience.

The two-day workshops are charged at £200 for World Parrot Trust members, or £220 for non-members. This included admission to Paradise Park for both days at the weekend, all course materials, morning and afternoon tea/coffee breaks, and a lunch cooked to order from Paradise Parks restaurant.

Please note that attendees may not bring their own birds to the workshop for welfare reasons, although videos/dvds of problem behaviours will be welcomed.


We aim to run two courses a year, the dates of which, along with information on booking and local accomodation, can be found in the Upcoming Courses section, here.

Buster the Sun Conure being introduced to the group during a hands-on session